BBN: Black Natives Eye America After Reparations, “terrified” US Congress Eyes End of “Hereditary Entitlements” for all.

Immediate release: satire with a ton of truth. In a stunning development, in the case against reparations, US Congress has decided to end all hereditary entitlements with new legislation that is aimed to settle the ages-long debate about whether or not actual wealth is at all based on generational wealth or not. Their “hereditary entitlements” include: Large gifts between family members
Deeds passed down to descendants
Family members being forbade to pass their companies to anyone else in their blood or law families, ending grantor retained annuity trusts which actually hurt the economy because there is little to no tax owed on the transaction.

New Rule: We should start calling ADOS’ “slavery” our holocaust instead.

But the point is that I realized something. Calling what happened to us as “slavery”, which is still going on today, diminishes what we actually have been experiencing for centuries and still are, the direct and systematic genocide of my people. We should start calling ADOS’ “slavery” our holocaust instead. Words matter, and too often people have personally told me that “slavery happens everywhere” but not what happened to us. It was centuries of genocide that still effects us today.

Cancel Black Student Debt As Reparations

This is interesting and I’m glad that the author said it’s “to be paired with others”. This would be great, but what about the students who will or are currently in school?


Mmhmm. turns your boring Zoom call into a Weekend Update-style TV show. That’s the bet being made by Phil Libin, who led Evernote as CEO during its glory days and has returned to the intersection of consumer and enterprise software with a virtual camera that could reshape video communication. The product has a name thatContinue reading “Mmhmm.app”

Retire Slave/Enslaved as Pronouns

The concern is that with the pronouns enslaved and slave, they erase too much information, like is majority American tradition to do. Simplify and dishonor if it’s easiest to get a point across and that’s an issue with America. We move too fast at times and we need to slow down and consider more instead.

Postmates/Uber + Inequality

The email titled “Deal Reached for Uber to Acquire Postmates” goes on to read:
The transaction is subject to regulatory approval and other customary closing conditions and is expected to close in Q1 2021, at which point we will share more on our integration efforts. 

BB: “Equality is the Enemy of Reparations”

If you aren’t familiar, “Breaking Brown” is a live YouTube series by Yvette Carnell, a Black American scholar, historian and activist. Her current book for their book club is: ​Immigration and the Remaking of Black America. The last book I read with them was “Where Do We Go from Here: Community or Chaos” an thoughtful and critical eye at the civil rights movements, its failures and a way forward by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today she talked about the racial wealth gap. Here are my notes with some of my own thoughts added.


With how poor we were, as a child I could have imagined needing an amount like this to retire entirely, though I never planned to, always feeling there was too much work that needed to be done in the world. Instead, $325,000 is the estimated total for medically related expenses for a retired couple.

COVID-19 Lungs

If you are having lung issues like me, you don’t have COVID-19 and probably not a Volumetric Exerciser, here are some tips. Remember that anything we want the body to do well, we have to practice and stretch it, like our lungs. Be sure to close your eyes and breathe in and out several times throughout the day as both a relaxation technique as well as a way to keep your lungs in shape. This is simply deep breathing, but some variations are:


Starting in 1618, for 100 years, Virginia created and used the Headright System and gives a Headright which is $1.1 million adjusted USD of free money, or 50 acres of free land to each European person who would agree to help start the US economy. Headrights could be allotted up to 1000 acres, if 50,Continue reading “Wealth”


Living in a land your ancestor’s built, yet feeling like you’re the most dispensable is terror. To think you’re dispensable when none of us are, is worse. Has it always been like “Watchmen” alluded, a war of our minds? Yes. We have always been in a battle of overcoming, it was never to rise aboveContinue reading “blkwmnla”

Netflix is doing it right.

Per USA TODAY: Netflix to move $100 million to Black-owned banks. When it comes to substantive moves these days, the results and proof of these Black Lives Matter posts has been bleak. Many companies know they need to post something, even if they don’t feel like the biggest supporter of Black people getting assistance toContinue reading “Netflix is doing it right.”

YouTube TV

Yea, I’m really not trusting Google these days, especially when it comes to their pricing. You would think they are having financial trouble with how sharply they have been rising costs on their products. My email account was held hostage by Google recently after they told us they would count our drives and photos againstContinue reading “YouTube TV”

Terry Crews

Dear Terry Crews, What is going on? Are you so wealthy you forget from how far we’ve come? Have we come so far from our “pit schools” to have you now so separated from the culture of thought of why we have yet to overcome? Some day. … Terry Crews is trending … again andContinue reading “Terry Crews”

Freddie Gibbs

“Fredrick Jamel Tipton (born June 14, 1982), better known by his stage name Freddie Gibbs, is an American rapper”. @FreddieGibbs on Twitter. On June 29, 2020 Freddie Gibbs tweeted to @Complex with concern that they are paying DJ Akademiks, @IamAkademiks, while adding media of the DJ sexually commenting on an underage female rapper named Bhad Bhabiefrom August, 15Continue reading “Freddie Gibbs”

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